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Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Tue Nov 29 01:16:51 EST 2011

On Mon, 28 Nov 2011, Noel Butler <noel.butler at ausics.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 2011-11-28 at 21:55 +1100, Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
> > LCA used to be an event where you could bring children along,
> Children would be bored shitless, teenagers, likely wouldnt care too
> much unless they were interested in FOSS.

I believe that the record for the youngest speaker at LCA is 13yo.  Presumably 
the amount of knowledge needed to be a delegate is a lot smaller than that 
which is required to be a speaker.  So I don't think that there's any reason 
to suppose that the minimum age for an LCA delegate should be 13.

How many of the Linux programmers in Australia chose their career before the 
age of 13?  Rusty and I are two examples to start with and I'm sure that there 
are many more.  Should LCA be an event that's welcoming to younger versions of 
Rusty and me?  If not it would seem rather ironic given that Rusty founded the 

> > teenagers would be in a safe environment to learn about technology.
> > Are you seriously suggesting there is nothing wrong with sharing
> > content that the Broadcast Services Act would ban to a child-safe
> > time?
> That's exactly my point, the BSA would NOT ban anything I heard or saw
> in that presentation.
> Why, because it is a registered event, ie, joe blow just cant waltz in
> off the street at will, like he/she is walking in and out of a shop.
> Liken it to PayTV, which  has this language and depicted vision 24/7.

I think that when someone says "child-safe time" they don't mean the porn 
channel on PayTV.

> > keynote. I would have walked out if I had had my child along at that
> > keynote.
> you may have, many would not. as they say, "each to our own".

We haven't heard from anyone who thinks that the keynote in question would be 
suitable for their own children.  Given that you are comparing it to the 
adults-only PayTV channels this has to be one of the least plausible versions 
of "the lurkers agree with me" that I've seen.

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