[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Code of Conduct - revised draft

Del del at babel.com.au
Mon Nov 28 00:00:36 EST 2011

> I'm not advocating for a shorter policy (I don't have strong opinions on the
> issue of whether it should be short or long).  I am merely noting that some
> fairly large companies seem to have found that short policies work well for
> them.  Also cruise passengers seem to be happy with this (a quick search
> didn't turn up forum discussions saying that it sucks).

Most offenders would be pretty pleased that the captain wasn't adhering 
to the traditions of earlier centuries where "troublesome passengers" 
could be "disembarked" without waiting for the ship to arrive in port.  :)

Seriously, though -- let's look at the policy from another perspective.

What are the sort of incidents that have occurred in LA's past that are 
unacceptable, and how would the policy (as stated, with or without 
suggested amendments, or a shorter policy) have protected LA or its 
members, or allowed LA to react appropriately with regards to those 

I'm aware of a couple -- one at a SLUG meeting, one as part of or during 
a talk at an LCA, and I guess there are a handful of others.

Now I wasn't responsible for dealing with those incidents but others 
here were I'm sure.  How would the various proposed policies have 
enabled better or best practice response to those incidents? 
Alternatively, how would the promulgation of the proposed policies have 
prevented those incidents in the first place?

I think that if those who have been in the position of dealing with such 
incidents can put up a reasonable argument that the incident would have 
been dealt with appropriately or prevented with the implementation or 
publication of the policy, then the policy is OK and valid -- without 
spending a lot of time arguing about the semantics.

Personally I think it's important that LA actually do publish a code of 
conduct such as one of the ones presented in the short term, and if we 
decide that it needs a few tweaks over time then those can be made with 
our normal due process.

I commend those who have been working on the policy so far -- I think 
it's an excellent first draft and although I can see a lot of validity 
in the proposed amendments, I think that to get it to where it is now is 
highly valuable.


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