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Anestis Kozakis kenosti at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 00:52:49 EST 2011

On 24 July 2011 00:26, David Newall <david at davidnewall.com> wrote:
>> There are no fees in the new constitution either.
> This are, Silvia.  Section 7(4) introduces a new fee of $1 per page for
> copies of the register.  There are other changes to fees.
> There does seem a pervasive attitude of denial being displayed, and I
> don't mean just Sylvia.  Rather than assume that I'm wrong and what
> other's might have told you is true, do everybody a favour and check
> these things for yourself.  Then start asking the questions that I'm asking.

I know I haven't been very active on the list as my life has been a
huge rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.  Things are beginning to
become more stable so I am hoping to become more active.

Now, the disclaimer.  I haven't read the constitution so I'm going
based off what has been posted in this thread.

David, I don't have a problem with this fee of $1 per page for a
printed copy.  Printing costs money (paper and ink), not to mention
the time it takes for the person to find the information and print it.

Then they have to put the printed copy in an envelope and post it out
(postage costs).

So I think it's reasonable to have a $1 per-page administration fee
for a printed copy.  I don't see a problem with this.


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