[Linux-aus] Affiliates no longer welcome

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Mon Jul 25 12:51:47 EST 2011

The new constitution sucks.

We need to change the name from Linux Australia to "Let's Argue About Constitutions Incorporated".

Whilst we're at it:

1. The leader, currently the president, should be termed "Der Fuhrer" or "Die Fuhrerin" depending on what gender the person in the position identifies him or herself; and

2. Said leader needs to either GROW a Hitler moustache or wear a pretend one (for example, were I to be elected to said position, I can't grow a moustache for the life of me and certainly not one that would befit "Der Fuhrer");

3. We also need a new position called "Exterminator of Trolls" and we needn't specify this to the six millionth degree; this person or group of people could very much be like the rat exterminator in Leroux's Phantom of the Opera

4. Maybe the term 'committee' is too nice; let's rename them "The Gestapo"

And if we don't like my suggested name "Let's Argue About Constitutions", might I suggest "The Nazi Party (Australia) Incorporated"? Hmmm, unless that's already registered. I don't think it's a disallowed name in Australia :P


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