[Linux-aus] [plug] PLUG Meeting Next Week: LUAKit, the micro-browser

Mason Larobina mason.larobina at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 02:15:14 EST 2011

On 3 August 2011 13:36, James Bromberger <james at rcpt.to> wrote:
> Dear all,
> An early reminder that next week's PLUG meeting on Tuesday 9th August is at
> the University Computer Club at UWA (http://www.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au/). Our
> presenter this month is Mason Larobina, the author of LUAkit, the micro
> browser. (http://luakit.org/) - as it says on the site:
> Luakit is a highly configurable, micro-browser framework based on the WebKit
> web content engine and the GTK+ toolkit. It is very fast, extensible by Lua
> and licensed under the GNU GPLv3 license.
> It is primarily targeted at power users, developers and any people with too
> much time on their hands who want to have fine-grained control over their
> web browsers behaviour and interface.
> We'll be starting at 6:30pm AWST (+0800) - free parking at UWA starts from
> 5pm in Red (staff) and Yellow (student) zones. Feel free to turn up early;
> we'll be attempting to stream this video live to those unable to attend in
> person at http://icecast.plug.org.au:8000/ (and will take questions via
> IRC); recordings may be posted afterwards.
> I'm also after anyone who wants to give a lightning talk of up to 5 minutes;
> you don't need any slides, just something to talk about; please let the PLUG
> Committee know if you have something to say!
> The UCC at UWA is located above the UWA Tavern. Start by locating the Tavern
> just off Hackett Drive, then proceed clockwise around the Tavern fence until
> you come to a set of double doors and a staircase leading up. Unfortunately
> there is no disability access to this venue due to the stairs (and lack of
> lift). Thanks to Nick B and Daniel H we may have a pretty flashy sign up
> outside as well to guide you in! :)
> See http://www.ucc.asn.au/aboutucc/contact.ucc for details of finding the
> venue. Alternatively, here is a map:
> http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=211025271466846465617.0004a992f65b82f9824a6&msa=0&ll=-31.980996,115.819775&spn=0.000651,0.000862
> Some early details on future presentations; next month we're likely to be
> having a presentation on clustered file systems, and in October we have
> Rusty Russell here in Perth for a talk, and possibly a panel
> discussion/debate/arm-wrestle session - tickets required to cover costs. See
> the PLUG calendar on http://www.plug.org.au/.
>   James
> PS: Cross posted to Linux-aus in case people would like to watch the video
> stream (or jump on a plane -- your call).
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Thanks again for the chance to talk guys, I had a great time tonight.

Also the slides can be found here:


(Note that if you want to follow along with the examples you'll need
to compile luakit from the `api-beautify` branch at the moment, soon
to be merged into develop)

Until next time!



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