[Linux-aus] LUG IRC Meet of 29 Sept ... and next meet on 27 Oct

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 02:20:03 EST 2009


Sorry it took me so long, there's been a few things going on.
Below is an extra short extract, attached is the log duly hacked to
If anyone wants the full log, email me.

I won't be at the next IRC meet, it's my wedding anniversary ... but would
be my last if I spent a couple
of hours in front of the PC.
I will however leave mine on, so will be able to provide secretarial
services as usual.
attended <donak> <KatteKrab> <jhesketh__> <quail> <jamesmtechy> <dns53>
<earthnative> <pschulz01> <purserj> <elky> <tserong> <caprajax> <SuperRoach>
<gorilla> <andyg> <subsonicsys> <lyte> <noisymime>

1. What did you do for Software Freedom Day?
2. How's the podcasting going? Can we contribute some material to the person
working on it? (sorry, can't get to my notes)
3. possible national barcamp weekend
4. resources for new LUGs - Mawson Lakes LUG

<offtopic, but interesting -ED.>
that three strikes law is gona kill all us linux users
file sharing is how the linux community survives
evry1 of us will be baned from the net for just updating our systems how
ridicoulus is that
i have downloaded a bit off legaltorrents.com
when we download games theyl say its a strike even if they are free linux
games and or software its still considerd part of filesharing
so by mentioning it i assume you have put your signature to start the party?
you could ask in their irc room

1. What did you do for Software Freedom Day?
the SFD event at Goolwa was good but little slow, we got ~40 people through
the door, and we setup a video call with Mt Gambier
http://softwarefreedomday.org/melb - we had a huge day!
we at Central Qld LUG had ours a couple of weeks early, at CQUNI open day
Didn't have one in Sydney :(
it was very poorly organized here in sa imo
Suggestions (on creating a good event)? start organising at least 6 months
in advance...preferably 9 months

2. How's the podcasting going? Can we contribute some material to the person
working on it?
what is the idea of the podcast? podcast: talking about Linux, streaming or
downloadable audio, an online radio show that you download, you could
download an abc radio program for example
please send me an email to dns_server-at-yahoo-dot-com, tell me about your
lug, the email of the organiser, and any useful info like what the next
meeting time and topic is
i'd be happy to have a co host, ideas, theme music, art work
Email all LUGs and ask for a 30-60 sec audio segment from them about what
they are doing in the coming month.
once you get rolling, delegate regional news.. ie. allow someone in each
state to collect local LUG news.
Find some poeple with particular interests and get them to host regular
'spots'. eg, Kernel News.

3. possible national barcamp weekend
I guess I just want to raise the idea of a coordinated barcamp - anzac day
weekend - to see how many would be interested...
so we could do joint promotion...have link-ups, video / audio  / channels
programming isn't what it's about.. you bring along something that interests
you to talk about.
basically everyone thinks it's a great idea, but hard to organise
I think the "hard to organise" stemmed from the idea of running something in
every city at once, linking them all together

4. resources for new LUGs - Mawson Lakes LUG
- LUG in a box? (still around?) - LUG constitution? - Auditor? - Additional
LA can public liability issurance for your meetings. Sounds silly, but these
days its pretty much mandatory

Don Knowles
Rockhampton AUSTRALIA
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