[Linux-aus] Things not to post to planet linux australia

Andy White andy at lgsolutions.com.au
Thu Mar 26 17:29:08 EST 2009

At which point, the ACMA adds PLA to the blacklist .... snap. :P

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On 26/03/2009, at 5:18 PM, Paul Shirren wrote:

> Russell Stuart wrote:
>> On Thu, 2009-03-26 at 15:57 +1030, Paul Shirren wrote:
>>>> Because it is simply not possibly to comply with the law as it is
>>>> written.
>>> Move the hosting overseas. Problem solved.
>> Yes, that would solve it.  Definitely, leaving the country would  
>> solve
>> it.
>> The problem is I view laws that make it difficult to Linux  
>> Australia to
>> host itself in this country as a bit of a problem, and would like to
>> discuss it.
> It depends how you look at it.
> By the trivial action of moving the planet hosting offshore you show
> that these laws are easily circumvented. You don't risk being fined.  
> You
> don't have to censor your members.
> You show that bad government policy has potential negative impacts  
> such
> as sending money and jobs overseas but is also trivially circumvented
> and ineffectual.
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