[Linux-aus] I'm going to Flame & Dexs Housewarming Party and I'm bringing...

flame aphplix at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 11:08:52 EST 2009

Sorry if you get this more than once (or even once if you are not
interested) as I've cross posted to a couple of mailing lists.

Dex and I have recently moved to Glen Waverley in Melbourne's
semi-outer eastern suburbs so we figured we would throw a little
house warming party on Friday 27th of February 2009 at exactly
7:53pm and subject you all to our hospitality (if you are foolish
enough to come along).

If you have nothing better to do that night than hang out with a
bunch of geeks and freaks then all you need to do is:

email us (aphplix@[that free mail service Google has, you know
the one, starts with a "g", ends with "mail.com"]) and tell us what
you are going to bring. It's kinda like that game where you say
what you are going to bring to some place, except different
because this time you actually have to bring it. If we like what
you are going to bring then we'll send you the address, it's that
simple *(terms and conditions apply).

If you are stuck for ideas for what to bring, here are some

I'm going to Flame & Dexs Housewarming Party and I'm bringing...
a bottle of [insert name of alcohol here]
a carton of [insert name of alco-pop or soft drink here]
some [insert name of party food here]
a suitcase containing $1,000,000
Angelina Jolie
world peace

Our house is walking distance to a tram stop (stop 70, route 75)
on the Burwood Highway and a quick bus ride (route 703) from
Syndal train station. We have a couple of off street parks and
plenty of parking nearby on the street. Most importantly there is
a bottle shop (open till 10pm I think) & a pizza shop, close
enough that we could probably build a catapult in the front yard
and launch people onto their roof.

You are invited if you can truthfully answer "Yes" to,
A) any 2 of the following questions:
Have we met you?
Do we know you?
Would we want to know you?
Do we like you?
Will we like you once we get to know you?
Do you like us?


B) any 1 of the following questions:
Are you bringing Angelina Jolie?
Do you have a suitcase containing $1,000,000?
Can you actually bring about world peace?

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone wearing a fake
porn-star mustache, a top hat and a pair of fluffy dinosaur foot

Come join the insanity, you know you want to, we even have

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