[Linux-aus] LCA bids -- wonderful presentation, but to what purpose?

Patrick Coleman blinken at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 23:29:27 EST 2008

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 8:08 PM, Glen Turner <gdt at gdt.id.au> wrote:
> Dear LA committee,
> I have read one of the bids for LCA 2010.  It was an impressive
> document -- a large amount of carefully prepared text, extensive
> photography, and so on.
> My estimate is that this document would have taken three months
> to prepare.

Certainly in Perth's case, it was more like a very panicked week :)
We've been working on our bid for 6-8 months now, and the vast
majority of that time has been planning things that will affect the
conference itself, rather than just the bid.

That's not to say a pro-forma response is a bad idea - just adding a data point.


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