[Linux-aus] LCA bids -- wonderful presentation, but to what purpose?

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Thu Sep 4 22:08:15 EST 2008

Dear LA committee,

I have read one of the bids for LCA 2010.  It was an impressive
document -- a large amount of carefully prepared text, extensive
photography, and so on.

My estimate is that this document would have taken three months
to prepare.

It is sad to think that none of the high quality of the presentation
of the bid has an effect on the quality of the delivered conference.
[Being careful to be clear about presentation v. content here]

Can I suggest for future linux.conf.au bids that Linux Australia
issue a pro-forma response which bidders can complete. Bids would
continue to be assessed on the quality of the content of the response,
without bids needing to put so much effort into the quality of
the presentation of the response.

I note that pro-forma responses are a common device in commercial

Cheers, Glen

  Glen Turner   <http://www.gdt.id.au/~gdt/>

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