[Linux-aus] Reminder: Next lugcomms meet Tue May 27

Donna Benjamin donna at cc.com.au
Tue May 13 11:17:02 EST 2008


Hi All,

A reminder to all those of you organising / leading / wrangling /
arranging LUGS around Australia... We held our first lugcomms meeting at
the end of April - it was great...  

We had representation from plug, taslug, humbug, slug, linuxsa, luv,
blug, clug, kslug, airstream...  am I forgetting anyone? :)

Next one is a fortnight from tonight.

So - put the next lugcomms meeting in your various calendars /
reminder systems/ brainmatter :)

Tue May 27 - 8pm EST 7:30 CST 6pm WST (10am UTC)
on freenode irc network #linux-aus-lugs 

A few people missed out on the last one... so please help spread the
word, and ping and remind people - all lug organisers are welcome.

Agenda?  Anyone got burning issues?

 1. LA and LCA news 
 2. General LUG happenings
 3. LUG infrastructure: lug-in-a-box, websites, planets & mail lists


Donna Benjamin - Executive Director
Creative Contingencies - http://cc.com.au
ph +61 3 9326 9985 - mob +61 418 310 414
open source - facilitation - web services

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