[Linux-aus] Grant proposal: Software Freedom Day CDs for Australia

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Jun 15 23:44:37 EST 2008

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Don Knowles wrote:
| Hi,
| In discussions online with 2 other members of Rockhampton LUG (!) I
| suggested to them that we'd need Ubuntu discs for those who have up to
| date PCs, and something like Xubuntu or Zenwalk for those with older
| PCs.
| I based this idea on something I included in the flyers I'm going to
| put up around town, i.e. if someone has on old PC, and can't find the
| set up discs, an O/S that is light on resource use could put it back
| in service.

I agree with you totally about supplying distros for older PCs.  Puppy 4 is a
great suggestion.  However, in my proposal I've specifically tried to steer
away from getting lots of distibutions, for two main reasons:

Firstly, I think it's important to reduce the number of choices.  Linux is all
about choice to me, but giving a new user a choice of which of two hundred
distros to choose sends them running screaming into the night.  Even given the
choice of three - Fedora, Ubuntu and Puppy, for instance - means that someone
has to explain the benefits and drawbacks, and it starts sounding way too

This is why I chose Ubuntu in the proposal.  Personally, I'd be giving away
Fedora Live CDs and install DVDs, but I acknowledge Ubuntu has done more work
to make the initial uptake easier for less technical people.  Plus, Hardy is a
Long Term Support release, meaning that for many people the support will go on
for as long as they need to work out (by themselves or with others) how to
upgrade.  It also means that those CDs keep their value as an install for
longer, in case groups end up with surplus CDs to give away in the upcoming year.

Secondly, it increases the price per CD.  I checked with SilverTrak and they
said that each individual image would be priced separately.  So I can't get
the 20,000 unit price for five different CD images printed 4,000 times.  I'm
fairly sure this would be the same for the other printing companies.

That said, I have absolutely no problems with people wanting to do things
their own way for their own SFD show.  So if you want to burn some Puppy linux
CDs or whatever, go right ahead!  BTW, I wrote up a brief description of how
to print CD labels in Linux to an Epson Stylus Photo R210 printer on the
Canberra LUG list, accessible at

The other idea, and one I intend to do for Software Freedom Day in Canberra,
is to run an Install Fest a week after.  At that, we'll have a variety of
distros on CD-RWs - my preference is to use a server for disc images and boot
up of the network boot ISO for Fedora installs.  So if people want Puppy 4,
Debian, CentOS, Kororaa or whatever, then they can get them right then and
there.  At the Software Freedom Day stand itself, we'll be offering a variety
of disc images that people can copy onto a USB key then and there, so Puppy
would be an excellent choice there too.

Great idea, Don.  But you'll forgive me if I keep the bid the way it is.

Have fun,

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