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Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Mon Jun 16 12:57:16 EST 2008


Recently there has been a lot of progress made on zookeepr - the
conference management software written for linux.conf.au. The software
was born for LCA07 and is built on pylons (a python based web
framework). Over the years a lot of libraries have changed and the code
has grown and it is nearing a state where the project will be useful
outside of just LCA.

A few weeks ago we held a hackfest on the project in Melbourne where we
made considerable progress towards preparing the software for LCA09's
new website. We cleaned up a lot of code and focused mainly on the Call
for Presentations section. You can read more on my blog post here:

We have just finished setting up the project on launchpad.net where we
have put in place methods and instructions on how to contribute. If you
are at all interested in helping out on the software for future LCA's or 
for conferences in general we would greatly appreciate any help from
developers, bug testers, packagers or documenters. For details on how to
get the code, visit the zookeepr website for instructions:

The code is a bit crusty due to organic growth from its original design.
While we are working on the current code base for LCA09, there are plans
to concuurently perform a major cleanup of the code base either by
porting it to newer pylons infrastrucutre or to another framework like
django or rails.

I am more than happy to answer any questions, guide people in assisting
or help people in set up test environments.

Warm Regards,
   - LCA09 Committee member.
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