[Linux-aus] Grant proposal: Software Freedom Day CDs for Australia

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 01:48:34 EST 2008


In discussions online with 2 other members of Rockhampton LUG (!) I
suggested to them that we'd need Ubuntu discs for those who have up to
date PCs, and something like Xubuntu or Zenwalk for those with older

I based this idea on something I included in the flyers I'm going to
put up around town, i.e. if someone has on old PC, and can't find the
set up discs, an O/S that is light on resource use could put it back
in service.

One of the others suggested Puppy Linux : an All Australian Distro!

So, how about
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
Puppy 4 (puppy-4.00-k2.6.21.7-seamonkey.iso)
OpenDisk CD

Not only but also, two of the things we discussed were
A CD print capable ink-jet printer (one of the other people thought he
might be able to get his hands on a freebie)
8cm disks for the cute / quirky / gimmick factor in the Puppy disks (I
happen to have a 50 spindle)

Food for thought!
Don Knowles
Rockhampton Linux Users Group
rocklug at gmail.com

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