[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Council Minutes Meetings: 2008/08/14

Jonathan Oxer jon at oxer.com.au
Fri Aug 15 08:30:09 EST 2008

On Thu, 2008-08-14 at 21:36 +1000, Terry Dawson wrote:
> == Council meeting ==
>   AP2008081402: James Turnbull will write up the ammendment necessary to
> rename sub-committees to committees for putting at the next AGM.

Why would a trivial thing like this have to wait until the next AGM?
It's 60 seconds at the next Council meeting, and it's all done. It
certainly shouldn't take a year from the time it was agreed to at one
AGM before it's enacted at the next. I even sent an email to the Council
in Feb saying it needed to be done and including wording ready to go so
it doesn't even have to be drafted, just vote and it's all over with.

For reference, the email I sent to the Council (which also covers the
much more significant topic of a process for reviewing the committees)
is below.

Cheers    :-)
Jonathan Oxer
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> Converting Sub-Cttes to Committees
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> Mon, 11 Feb 2008 13:25:29 +1100
> Hey cool people,
> Just a bit of administrivia before I forget it: because Motion 4
> (s/Committee/Council/) passed at the AGM, you should probably have a
> motion to reconstitute the existing Sub-Committees as Committees,
> something like this:
> "All existing Sub-Committees will be reconstituted as Committees, with
> all other aspects including membership remaining unchanged."
> It's a dumb annoying thing to have to do, but there are probably going
> to be a bunch of little things like that which need fixing as a result
> of the label change.
> Sorry.
> Which reminds me, there are a number of Project and Administrative
> Sub-Cttes listed at http://wiki.linux.org.au/Ctte/Ctte. This would be
> a
> perfect opportunity to go through and revitalize them: contact the
> relevant people and tell them that you're doing a review of Sub-Cttes,
> and any that have become dormant will be disbanded. There are some
> obvious exceptions like Admin and Mirror which are active, but even
> then
> it would be worth having some basic information which every single
> Sub-Ctte *must* provide or it will be disbanded:
>  * Name of Sub-Ctte
>  * Chairperson
>  * Members
>  * Purpose
> We're in the dodgy situation at the moment where we don't even know
> who
> the members of some of the Sub-Cttes are, which makes it a bit hard
> for
> them to do anything official! My plan had been to populate a standard
> template with info about each Sub-Ctte but you can see some are rather
> lacking:
> http://wiki.linux.org.au/Ctte/AdvocacySubCtte
> IMHO any Sub-Ctte for which we can't even name the members should be
> disbanded immediately. They can always be recreated later if they
> become
> active.
> Cheers   :-)
> -- 
> Jonathan Oxer
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