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The minutes of the Linux Australia Council Meeting dated 2008/08/14 are
available at:


and reproduced below.

As always, please forward any questions or corrections to the council.


== Council meeting ==
 * Time 21:00, Thursday 2008/08/14
 * Where: Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel
 * Attendees: Paul Schulz, Melissa Draper, Steve Walsh, James Turnbull,
Terry Dawson

== Notes ==

Starred ( {*} ) items are expected to require discussion at the meeting.
Un-starred items will be taken as noted or carried without further
discussion, unless starred at the beginning of the meeting.

 0. {*} Are there any items to star?

 1. Accept minutes of MeetingNotes20080731

 2. {*} VITTA Proposal.
  Jeff Waugh proposed that Linux Australia sponsor a stand at VITTA in

  Donna Benjamin offered a long alternate proposal for sponsorship of
the VITTA event in

  (Details of proposals with-held for reasons of commercial sensitivity)

  Agreed to ammend motion, to the following:

   '''MOTION: That Linux Australia agree to in-principle support for
sponsorship of VITTA, pending a concrete proposal'''

 3. {*} State of the Constitution.
  James Turnbull wishes council to discuss that state of the
constitution with a view to developing an action plan for reformation.

  Online version of AGM has not been updated to reflect the changes that
where changes passed at the last AGM.

  AP2008081401: Terry Dawson will make the relevant updates to the
constitution published on the Linux Australia website.

  AP2008081402: James Turnbull will write up the ammendment necessary to
rename sub-committees to committees for putting at the next AGM.

 4. {*} Schedule of visiting bidding cities for LCA.
  Stewart Smith wishes council to develop a schedule for visits for
cities bidding for LCA2010.

  Stewart outlined a process for ensuring that appropriate
representation of the LA Council is able to visit the LCA bid teams.

  Agreed principles are:
  * that financial outlay be kept to a minimum
  * that representatives be able to attend all bid teams for consistency
  * that we recognise this activity as important to ensuring a high
quality conference

== General Business ==
 * Melissa Draper asked about the storage being used for LCA09. Steve
Walsh advised that he had made arrangements with Donna.

== Finish ==

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