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Hi Anand,
> >
> > When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific
> > than "Re: Contents of linux-aus digest..."
> >
Please read this statement for future posts. 
I get a lot of mail and if I just see "linux-aus Digest, Vo.." 
I usually tend to not read them.

> Hi,
> i heard from one of my friend that linux-Australia( or may be other linux
> groups) users use some live chat software to meet daily to discuss on
> different issues, if any one knows pl let me know i would like to
> participate.
> Thanks
> vivek
It's called irc and the irc network is irc.freenode.net channel #linux-aus
You will also find many local linux user groups on there in their own channel.
I am a member of South Coast LUG and we chat on #sclug.
You will need an irc client. There is quite a few, BitchX, irssi, pork...etc.. for non-gui clients and xchat, kvirc etc etc for gui clients.
It's not so much a "daily meeting" but more just a free for all chat for like minded people.  

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