[Linux-aus] CFP Embedded Mini-conference 2008

Mark Phillips mark.phillips at automatedtestsystems.com.au
Sun Sep 9 22:48:06 UTC 2007

Hi all,

The Embedded Mini-conference is on again for LCA 2008 AND so we are
kicking off the call for papers......

During the 2007 embedded mini-conference and the show and tell section
last year we saw some truly amazing award winning systems. We also had
in the main conference: 

Electronics with Linux from James Cameron
Making things Move from Jonathan Oxer, 
as well as phones and PDA ports.

This coverage suggested that Open Source Embedded systems might just be
a bit more pervasive that first suspected. 

Therefore the emphasis this year is in showing the diversity  of
embedded systems. What are some of the boundaries being pushed in the
pursuit of open source embedded systems? What weird systems exist!

So far we have an example of a milling machine and hopefully, we will
have a seismic system.

So while the the emphasis is on the diversity of embedded systems feel
free to propose anything that you think might be suitable.

And Now for the not so good news :-)

Show And Tell

Last years show and tell went completely over-time. Ben actually kicked
us out of the seminar room. So this years show and tell is going to be a
little bit different.

1) It will be a STRICT first come first served.
2) Each session will be a maximum of 15 minutes. This includes your
   setup time.
3) If you haven't confirmed just before show and tell, you will be moved
   to the end of the list.

So if you want to be part of Show and Tell drop me a line and I'll add
you to the list

So lets make this years better than last years.

Mark Phillips
mark.phillips at automatedtestsystems.com.au

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