[Linux-aus] [plug] Open Source WA Symposium, 4th Oct (fwd)

Mark Phillips mark.phillips at automatedtestsystems.com.au
Wed Oct 3 16:47:06 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-10-03 at 16:32 +1000, Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> Hi Bret,
> > Pity that the WA state government is apparently trying to turn open 
> > source computing in the state, into "secret government business".
> > 
> > Why the WA DIR and the WASP did not each contact PLUG and Linux 
> > Australia for input and involvement, is not yet known.
> Thanks for pointing out the event, Bret. I'm just happy to see them
> organising something - no point worrying about why LA wasn't consulted!
> The more FOSS-related events the better. I've just sent off a message to
> the event organiser introducing Linux Australia in case they weren't
> aware of us previously.

And, I hope OSIA, or should I send a separate email :-)


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