[Linux-aus] [plug] Open Source WA Symposium, 4th Oct (fwd)

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Thu Oct 4 08:48:49 UTC 2007

Hi all,

<quote who="Mark Phillips">

> > Thanks for pointing out the event, Bret. I'm just happy to see them
> > organising something - no point worrying about why LA wasn't consulted!
> > The more FOSS-related events the better. I've just sent off a message to
> > the event organiser introducing Linux Australia in case they weren't
> > aware of us previously.
> And, I hope OSIA, or should I send a separate email :-)

They certainly know all about LA and OSIA, I helped them coordinate some of
the speakers :) Basically this event is meant to be a low key Government and
big business education event for CIO/Director/CEO people interested in
finding out more about FOSS. I should have blogged about this weeks ago but
have been crazy busy on the roadshow :) I've just blogged about it and about
the survey they have just launched replicating the efforts of AGIMO
federally to understand the use of FOSS in WA. It is great to see one of the
states doing some great stuff as everyone else has got a little slack :)


This is also a followup project from DOIR on the Open Source resource
centre, which lived out its originally planned lifecycle and now they want
to know better ways to help the WA Gov and market understand FOSS, hence
this Symposium. Open Source WA still lives in a different form :)



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