[Linux-aus] Server to donate to another LUG - DarLUG is no more.

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Sat Jun 30 13:41:31 UTC 2007

Jon Oxer wrote:
> That gets to the essence of what I meant by a hypothetical "micro-LUG":
> less effort than running a formally organised LUG, but something more
> than people who just happen to know each other through some other
> context. Some kind of identifiable group without all the overhead
> normally involved in running a "club".

Hi Jon,

That sounds remarkably like LinuxSA.

A mailing list, a free meeting room, a last-minute
search for someone to speak on something interesting
they have done.

No membership list, no fees.  The rare event is organised
in conjunction with AUUG or LA so that they provide
all the overhead items (insurance, etc).

Have a chat with Geoff Bennett and ask him how he's
managed to do it.

Best wishes, Glen

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