[Linux-aus] when are barcamps planned?

Peter Miller millerp at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Jul 10 02:51:33 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-07-10 at 11:25 +0930, Janet Hawtin wrote:
> The camp is a hall with dorms.

Ah.  Not what I was thinking of.

> How do you plan for food?

Strictly BYO.

That said, city folks don't grok bringing everything with you and not
having shops and take away near by, so I like to have a venue with shops
not impossibly far.  E.g. the Newnes State Forest, our venue this year,
is close to Mount Victoria, or Katoomba is slightly further.

I will be bringing a 20L gerry of water this year.  I'm sure some
participants will forget to bring any, and notice around tea time or bed

> Approximately $50-$60 per head for Adults and around $30 per head for
> concession.

Wow.  Good price.  You must be getting a great rate on the hall and
dorms, considering the bus has to be setting you back at least $10 per

Tangentially... I have had the misfortune of reading all of the NSW HSC
curricula for all of the "IT" subjects (was considering getting Dip.
Ed.).  Very extra underwhelmed.  What sort of projects do you expect the
kids to work on?  Without serious independent study, I can't see how any
of them will be equipped to write non-trivial code - unless VIC and SA
ed depts are at least an order of magnitude more enlightened than NSW.

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