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> Tangentially... I have had the misfortune of reading all of the NSW HSC
> curricula for all of the "IT" subjects (was considering getting Dip.
> Ed.).  Very extra underwhelmed.  What sort of projects do you expect the
> kids to work on?  Without serious independent study, I can't see how any
> of them will be equipped to write non-trivial code - unless VIC and SA
> ed depts are at least an order of magnitude more enlightened than NSW.
Ahh, you have hit a sensitive  spot. ;-)  The curriculum statements seem 
to be  getting less intense over the years and there are less and less 
students attempting this study.  In junior secondary there are less 
students choosing IT subjects, some say that because of the effort to 
integrate a lot of stuff across the curriculum, kids think that they 
have IT nailed.

IT as a subject has evolved to now being about making solutions for 
others to use and focus is mainly on database, various types of 
programming and finally computer concepts and communications.

So getting back to the programming, there needs to be two things happen 
to make a difference

    * Accessibility - using FOSS languages means that students have
      complete access in all aspects - can use it freely, can
      investigate how it works, can share it with others, etc.  This
      allows for independent study and follow up as a hobby or what ever
      - that is exactly what I would want for any student - to learn
      enough at school or a camp to be able to be independent and take
      it as far as they can.. 
    * Skills - we start with trivial code for both teachers and
      students.  Most teachers in this area are old like me and have
      grown with it, picked things up as best they can over the past 30
      years.  If we didn't make it happen, it didn't happen and we
      continually feel so under skilled.  It's not like in industry
      where people can work on this full time - we are full time
      teachers trying to keep up with industry as best we can. 

The opportunity to mix with and learn from experts as well as take in 
the enthusiasm of a group of hardcore youth at a camp like this will be 


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