[Linux-aus] when are barcamps planned?

Janet Hawtin lucychili at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 01:55:04 UTC 2007

On 7/10/07, Peter Miller <millerp at canb.auug.org.au> wrote:

> That's going to be a lot of logistics, compared to what I do, and not
> much of it about the computers.  Tents, generators, folding chairs,
> drinking water, cooking facilities, toilets, bathing, what to do when
> kids turn up with *no* gear or food, etc, etc.  And lower on the list:
> data projectors, projection screens (tent walls are all wrinkles) and
> maybe wifi APs and a file server.

The camp is a hall with dorms. So some of this is sorted, but the fact
there is a boys dorm and a girls dorm will be tricky when we are
hoping to have teams from a range of schools and can not be sure of
getting an 18 18 split. Still thinking. Teacher plus 2 kids per team
or something similar perhaps.

> Do you expect the kids to BYO laptop?  or BYO desktop?

The good folks at ITShare are talking to us about hardware.
I dont know if we will be able to have laptops but desktops are likely
to be doable.
We have some switching gear but will need to bring some cable.
We have had an offer re bandwidth but need to formalise to be sure it
is feasible.

The power load of the computers may be an issue. Thanks.

Remember that
> laptops these days suck about 60W (except those horrible generic power
> blocks which suck 300W) and desktop systems can suck 5 or 600W.  Data
> projectors anywhere between 500W and 2400W.  The expected equipment list
> has a *huge* impact on the size and power of the generators you need to
> hire.  I use Kennards, who have quite reasonable rates, but expect to
> pay a deposit of about 30% of the value of the generator, which you get
> back when you return it.  E.g. 600W * 36 = 22KW but you will need some
> margin, say 5 of 5KW generators... but a 5KW generator needs box trailer
> to move it (definitely will not fit in your car boot) and requires two
> people to lift.
> However 60W * 36 = 2.2KW and with margin that's 2 of 2.5KW generators,
> which are twice the volume of a domestic sewing machine.  They can be
> lifted by adult male fairly easily, but the are heavy, not what you want
> on the back seat of your sedan.  A box trailer really helps.
> Then there is the issue of children and petrol to manage.  Not
> insurmountable, but locked storage of some kind is probably warranted.
> Place the generators _well_ away from camp fires (even though this can
> mean well away form adult supervision) you seriously don't want flash
> over when filling generator fuel tanks.
> Also, a 6m by 4m marquee costs over $100 to hire for a weekend, but it
> needs a station waggon or a box trailer to move around, and you need at
> least 2 if not 3 of them.
> > This is at a camp spot in a national park too.
> NPWS is a pita about generators.  You can use a huge loud 5MW generator
> if you are a mining company tearing up a national park, but you can't
> use one if you are a normal person like you and me, even when the new
> Honda E20 generator is so quiet you can have a conversation next to it
> without raising your voice.  All because of a truly bizarre
> interpretation of one section of the Act that has not been tested in
> court.  Sheesh.  Use a state forest (or private land) instead.
> > Not sure on our bandwidth status yet.
> This was a concern for me when I started doing this.  It turns out that
> for the folks who come, it isn't an issue (and they knew beforehand) and
> you get much more coding done :-)  And no mobile phone coverage means no
> interruptions by work or spouses or children.

Yep true. We will be bringing a mirror box and CD burner, scanner and printer.

How do you plan for food?

We are looking at buses for transport from Melbourne and Adelaide to Mt Gambier.
Approximately $50-$60 per head for Adults and around $30 per head for


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