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[Linux-aus] trip after linux.conf.au


so, my flights are confirmed and it seems that if all goes well I'll be in 
Sydney in a week, woohoo! :)

Now I'm thinking what to do after lca. I'll stay in Sydney until the evening 
of the 22nd, to participate in the SLUG meeting.

And my plane back leaves on the evening of the 27th in Melbourne... and I'd 
like to arrive in there on the 25th, maybe 26th.

So I see some options:

1. fly from SYD to MEL
2. fly from SYD to MEL via Tasmania or something
3. take a bus via Canberra from SYD to MEL
4. rent a car on the 20th in SYD, drive around and drive to MEL

At the moment I like the options in the reverse order most, that is I prefer 
the renting a car idea.. do you have other suggestions? Any Linux-Usergroups 
on the way interested in a stop-bye?

Is anybody interested in driving from SYD to MEL with me? Can someone please 
point me to some car rental website, which has offices in Sydney and 


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