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[Linux-aus] LCA07 - Lightning Talks

I am please to announce that there will be a Lightning Talks Session at
LCA07 on Thursday afternoon at 2pm.

Lightning talks are short talks/presentations that last no more than 10
minutes (and usually 5 or less). The are presented one after the other in
a single session.

Please see the Website page:


for more information.

Talks are invited on a wide range of topics of possible interest to
attendees. You can announce a new project, publicise your favorite tool or
group, say what you feel is wrong about a project, LCA, Linux, etc. Have a
look though the links on the page [1] for ideas.

Please contact me if you'd be interested in giving a talk or you have any
questions / suggestions regarding the session.

Thank you very much to The Seven Team for their help finding a spot in the
programme for this.

[1] Especially http://perl.plover.com/lt/osc2003/lightning-talks.html

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