[Linux-aus] What is the relevance of this path ... ?

Kim Hawtin kim.hawtin at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Dec 27 21:13:49 UTC 2007

David Newall wrote:
> Dave Davey wrote:
>> If AUUG wants to merge with/be taken over by/be incorporated into/ LA, my
>> view is that this is not conceptually easy and does not involve equals.
> AUUG and LA are not equals, because AUUG is now so close to just 
> disappearing.  Last I heard membership was around 35.  So no, not 
> equals.  But 20 years ago, in it's hey day, AUUG looked extremely 
> similar to Linux Australia does today.
>> LA's charter relates to community - a large coverage.  AUUG is for
>> professionals
> Notwithstanding anything that AUUG or its members might say,

This whole thread appears to me, to be about the relevance or the lack 
there of an organisation to its members.

We're talking about AUUG, SAGE-AU, ACS, etc, etc ... what is the 
relevance of any of these groups with out the members feet doing the voting?

All this talk about merging, name changing and charter wangling is 
enough to make one wonder; is Linux Australia relevant?

Has the goal to support Linux, Free Software and Open Source Software
changed that much in the life time of the organisation?

What is the five year and ten year goals for the organisation?

What does the organisation know about its members?



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