[Linux-aus] What is the relevance of this path ... ?

R.B Skeoch rbs at muli.com.au
Mon Dec 31 01:26:22 UTC 2007

Kim Hawtin wrote:
> David Newall wrote:
>> Dave Davey wrote:
>>> If AUUG wants to merge with/be taken over by/be incorporated into/ LA, my
>>> view is that this is not conceptually easy and does not involve equals.
>> AUUG and LA are not equals, because AUUG is now so close to just 
>> disappearing.  Last I heard membership was around 35.  So no, not 
>> equals.  But 20 years ago, in it's hey day, AUUG looked extremely 
>> similar to Linux Australia does today.
Historically I was a member of AUUG now a member of LA

To me both organisations delivered / deliver the same value base.

AUUG introduced me to shared Unix based source,

LA picked up on the concept and delivered exelent series of conferences.

There are a number of LA players who feel the name should change
to better represent the changing LA goals,
I happen to believe LA came into existence because AUUG leadership
failed to move with the rapidly changing times.

I see AUUG as a parent of LA and as such part of our history.

Therefore I support a inclusive relationship to provide a home for AUUG 
and people.

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