[Linux-aus] AUUG to close? Will there be a rush of new members to Linux Australia?

David Newall david at davidnewall.com
Fri Dec 21 03:41:36 UTC 2007

Dave Davey wrote:
> I don't think there was a [SAAB-Scania] merger, but a split.

Details from Wikipedia, which says the subsequent split occurred in 1995.

> If AUUG wants to merge with/be taken over by/be incorporated into/ LA, my
> view is that this is not conceptually easy and does not involve equals.

AUUG and LA are not equals, because AUUG is now so close to just 
disappearing.  Last I heard membership was around 35.  So no, not 
equals.  But 20 years ago, in it's hey day, AUUG looked extremely 
similar to Linux Australia does today.

> LA's charter relates to community - a large coverage.  AUUG is for
> professionals

Notwithstanding anything that AUUG or its members might say, AUUG has 
only ever been a quasi-professional organisition.  The word, "Clayton's" 
would be appropriate.  AUUG has always gladly embraced members from 
without the computing profession.  I expect its member profile was 
always about the same as LA's.

> This is not an argument against any new relationship or structure, but
> I think it does say we should move cautiously and not start with discussions
> about a name change.

Of course not.  It's first necessary to see if members of both 
organisations are in favor of a merger.  But a name should be a major 
question in everyone's mind, having once established that members are in 
favor in principle.  That's not to say that change of name is 
automatically the answer.  Leaving LA's name unchanged is certainly one 
of the likely options.

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