[Linux-aus] AUUG to close? Will there be a rush of new members to Linux Australia?

David Newall david at davidnewall.com
Wed Dec 19 14:10:27 UTC 2007

James Turnbull wrote:
> David
> I think we're in violent agreement on the core approach - my sole
> concern was around support for proprietary systems and ensuring all
> parties were comfortable with any approach.  If the majority sees those
> systems as an irrelevancy then it is indeed perhaps a non-issue.

"Violent agreement."  I like that turn of phrase.

If a majority take the same position, it's also a non-issue.  
Amalgamation under any terms will upset some people, which is too bad 
for them and a matter best ignored.  It's silly to try to please 
everyone because it's not possible.

> But I do think discussions on name and any associated cachet and public
> relations would need a lot of consultation within LA.  Such a change has
> always sparked considerable debate.

Yes, this is a more important issue because, without 'AUUG' in the name, 
Linux Australia would not be seen as the world's second-oldest unix 
society.  Equally, it would be folly to discard 'Linux Australia', too.  
'Linux Australia AUUG' retains the cachet of both names, and makes sense 
from a historical perspective, to whit: "2008: AUUG, the world's 
second-oldest open systems advocacy group, amalgamates with Linux 
Australia, the premiere open systems and free software advocacy group in 
Australia."  The new organisation would instantly be recognisable as 
both of the older ones.  Becoming the second-oldest such group in the 
world could only improve the already enviable cachet that Linux 
Australia enjoys, and AUUG would continue, let's face it, virtually 
unaltered, and that is true even if the new charter excluded proprietary 
UNIX (all three of them, and going down all the time; SCO, Tandigipaqard 
and IBM.)

Interesting thought: I suppose Solaris is now FOSS.  Does that mean that 
Solaris is officially blessed, or just Solaris 10 and later?

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