[Linux-aus] AUUG to close? Will there be a rush of new members to Linux Australia?

James Turnbull james at lovedthanlost.net
Wed Dec 19 12:35:20 UTC 2007

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David Newall wrote:
> James Turnbull wrote:
>> In the event AUUG choose to dissolve in some form I think Linux
>> Australia has the opportunity to further some of AUUG's activities in
>> supporting research into computer science and could potentially make a
>> good caretaker, together with UNSW perhaps, for AUUG records and
>> intellectual property.
> Linux Australia already does everything that AUUG ever did, and it does 
> it at least as well.  AUUG's problem is that it lost its vigor, probably 
> because the members with energy switched their efforts to Linux Australia.
> Were it my decision, I would have Linux Australia absorb AUUG and, 
> because AUUG is the second-oldest such organisation in the world, I'd 
> include that word in Linux Australia's name.  I'd poll the members to 
> decide whether Linux Australia's charter should be extended to include 
> "open systems", and I'd ignore any howl of protest from the losing camp, 
> no matter how quiet that howl was.  Proprietary UNIX is an irrelevancy, 
> although it would seem strange for an organisation dedicated to free and 
> open systems to snub the siblings because they were open but not free.


I think we're in violent agreement on the core approach - my sole
concern was around support for proprietary systems and ensuring all
parties were comfortable with any approach.  If the majority sees those
systems as an irrelevancy then it is indeed perhaps a non-issue.

But I do think discussions on name and any associated cachet and public
relations would need a lot of consultation within LA.  Such a change has
always sparked considerable debate.


James Turnbull

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