[Linux-aus] Some questions

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Sat Dec 15 06:21:27 UTC 2007

<quote who="Randall Crook">

> Janet's questions, while they could be seen by those with an agenda as
> "loaded", are fairly straight forward and completely valid for this list.
> If you don't want to answer them, then don't. But there is no need to turn
> the post into some sort of arguing point.

Sorry, this was not at all intended from my post. I didn't know what Janet's
questions were, but they sounded like 'questions to candidates', so I wanted
to encourage the easier path for candidates I suggested earlier before we
subjected them to a many-headed hydra on the list (just seen duing the GNOME
Foundation elections which prompted my suggestion). That said, any questions
at all would be better than we've had in previous years, and Janet's were a
great start.

- Jeff (who is not running, thus volunteering for doing the work on this)

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