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 Here's a couple of Linux memes we could start, I've been discussing this with Ken Stark

 Linux, simply secure.
 Linux, by the people, for the people.

 Microsoft are running a bunch of ads in Australian, at the moment, they
talk about how Microsoft is concerned about security. Obviously they are
trying to create the impression that Windows is a secure setup.

 Sound bites/video bites:

 "With Linux I don't really have to think about security, it's there,
 it's unobtrusive, it works."

 There's a class of advertisement that has "real" people talking about
 the product in a "real" situation - there's lots of background that
 makes the reality of the people and the situation. (it's done a lot
with cleaning products, I think)

 A Linux ad could use this type of advertising, with say schools, or
 small business. With the proprietor/school teacher voice over, while
the product is used.

 "they released a new version of the operating system, and it's would
 have cost us 5 times our IT budget to upgrade"

 "it meant new computers, we would have had to replace the old ones."

 "the old ones are only 12 months old, we couldn't afford that."

 "then the Science master suggested we try Linux, and the head thought
 might be a good idea."

 "we put it to the school board, and they agreed"

 "it's saved us a lot of money, we were able to buy extra computers, and
 we can also afford to have someone to look after them properly"

 "at first we thought it was strange not having anti virus software"

 "but why should it be necessary to buy lots of other software, just to
 make the other software we've bought work the way it's supposed to?"

 "With Linux we don't really have to think about security, it's there,
 it's unobtrusive, it works."

 Fade out

 and "Linux, by the people, for the people" logo.

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