[Linux-aus] Marketing Linux

Glen Turner glen.turner at aarnet.edu.au
Sun Apr 22 02:44:49 UTC 2007

>  Microsoft are running a bunch of ads in Australian

In Australia, we speak English.

>  There's a class of advertisement that has "real" people talking about
>  the product in a "real" situation - there's lots of background that
>  makes the reality of the people and the situation. (it's done a lot
> with cleaning products, I think)

In Australia, "real" people in ads need to be real people.

>  "we put it to the school board, and they agreed"

In Australia, we don't have school boards.

>  and "Linux, by the people, for the people" logo.

In Australia, our Constitution does not contain this phrase and
the allusion falls flat.

Marketing needs to be a lot better than this.

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