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Re: [Linux-aus] Goodbye AUUG, hello phoenix

<quote who="Steven Hanley">

> If you are not changing linux.conf.au and it is still basically the kick
> arse technical conference it always has been, why is there a need to
> change the name? 

Because the name is, put possibly too bluntly, wrong. It doesn't represent
what the conference actually is.

> Do we really wany to try to move towards making our incredibly cool
> conference similarly irellevant by marketing it in strang ways

You mean, by changing the name to represent what the conference actually is

We're all very comfortable with "Linux" being roughly equivalent to "Open
Source". But for a pretty substantial proportion of the FLOSS world, it's an
unfortunate conflation. Not insurmountable (for most), but unfortunate.

The act of rebranding won't harm the conference. In fact, I think it will
achieve much the opposite.

- Jeff

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