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Donna Benjamin donna at mel8ourne.org
Tue Sep 19 06:36:04 UTC 2006

Ok - I've jumped off the fence.

I vote against changing the name of linux.conf.au
Two postings pushed me.

This one by Steve

and this one by maddog

LCA is a conference for linux geeks and other techy friends, to get
together to learn, share, hack and just hang out.

The name linux.conf.au is clear and categorical. And recognised.

The nature of the conference is flexible and inclusive and I would
suggest that we promote that fact widely.

I would argue that any person or company who really has a problem they
can't overcome with the name including linux, is perhaps not grokking
who this conference is for, or what it's really about.  Most others will
accept us at face value when we say, hey you are welcome to participate.

On the other hand - we might consider the need for another Australian
conference that is perhaps less technical, and less categorically about
linux, more user oriented, and more overtly inclusive. That conference
never will, or should, be LCA.


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