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James Purser purserj at k-sit.com
Mon Nov 20 09:59:03 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-20 at 00:19 +0000, Stewart Smith wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-11-17 at 00:59 +1100, James Purser wrote:
> > Okay to add some further detail to what I am envisioning.
> Here's my thoughts on some of the technical requirements:
> - produce XHTML and CSS compliant code


> - produce pretty URLs - see the URLs on the current site


> - be backwards compatible with existing URLs

Can be done quite easily with Drupals Pretty URLs

> - produce accessible XHTML (easily usable by screen readers, text based
> browsers, on mobile devices)

I've got (mystery developer) - a vision impaired accessibility guy - on
board to hassle us about that.

> - produce MSIE compatible layout (people looking to convert from the
> dark side need to be able to read the content).

Of course

> - be able to handle the /. effect

Drupal has page cache facilities.

> - pluggable user authentication (so we can link it to MemberDB)

On memberDB I'm going to say we will be focusing a lot on this. For the
moment I think our focus should be on integrating logins while keeping
admin separate from the main site. I would however like to go over the
admin section and fix up those areas that are being managed by direct
SQL commands. So don't worry patches should be flying thick and fast.

> Things I'd like (but don't hold much hope for):
> - Preview on larger than single page changes (think transactions, but
> for web site)
> - offline editing ability
> but i think your list looks good - it'd be great to have the news page
> generated by a process that wasn't so... err... archaic.

I would also like to note that I believe things like planet should be
kept separate. Look and feel to be the same but a separate address makes
sense, if nothing else, it reduces the amount of "arrgh a new url, could
I be bothered in changing it?"
James Purser
Ordinary Committee Member
Linux Australia
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