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Stewart Smith stewart at linux.org.au
Mon Nov 20 10:54:02 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-20 at 12:58 +1100, James Purser wrote:
> > - be able to handle the /. effect
> Drupal has page cache facilities.
> > - pluggable user authentication (so we can link it to MemberDB)
> On memberDB I'm going to say we will be focusing a lot on this. For the
> moment I think our focus should be on integrating logins while keeping
> admin separate from the main site. I would however like to go over the
> admin section and fix up those areas that are being managed by direct
> SQL commands. So don't worry patches should be flying thick and fast.


I think the biggest things at the moment are:
- permissions
- edit/delete election
- duplicate membership detection

> > Things I'd like (but don't hold much hope for):
> > - Preview on larger than single page changes (think transactions, but
> > for web site)
> > - offline editing ability
> > 
> > 
> > but i think your list looks good - it'd be great to have the news page
> > generated by a process that wasn't so... err... archaic.
> I would also like to note that I believe things like planet should be
> kept separate. Look and feel to be the same but a separate address makes
> sense, if nothing else, it reduces the amount of "arrgh a new url, could
> I be bothered in changing it?"

sure... except the news and press pages are currently set up like this
- pivot install
	- create post *in specific category* (and not able to edit other
- pivot publishes RSS
- a (not planet la) planet install grabs the RSS
- planet produces HTML
- index.php for linux.org.au includes the HTML

I'm sure drupal has a simpler way to do the same thing :)

Stewart Smith (stewart at linux.org.au)
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