[Linux-aus] Gday from the USA

Rob K robk at ningaui.net
Wed Nov 8 13:35:02 UTC 2006

On Tue, 7 Nov 2006, Dennis Gilmore wrote:

> What i'm writing about is to find way to help Australians participate 
> more in Fedora.  I know there are a few extras maintainers from 
> Australia how many I don't really know but there are some.  The times of 
> meeting guiding fedora direction are not conductive to great input from 
> Aussie's so what i would like to to propose is that I act as gateway to 
> help make sure that Australian Fedora contributors are heard.
> Maybe i'm out in left field if so feel free to tell me to go away :D. 
> Anyway i wanted to say hi and get some feedback or ideas from everyone.

Sounds worthwhile! Count me in.

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