[Linux-aus] Gday from the USA

Dennis Gilmore dennis at ausil.us
Wed Nov 8 11:55:03 UTC 2006

Hi All,

My Name is Dennis Gilmore.  I was born and raised in Australia but now live in 
the US.  I also happen to be a member of FESCo (Fedora Extras Steering 
Committee), I maintain a handful of packages in Fedora Extras  and am the 
buildsys maintainer for Fedora Extras.  

What i'm writing about is to find way to help Australians participate more in 
Fedora.  I know there are a few extras maintainers from Australia how many I 
don't really know  but there are some.  The times of meeting guiding fedora 
direction are not conductive  to great input from Aussie's so what i would 
like to to propose  is that I act as gateway to help make sure that 
Australian Fedora contributors are heard.  

Maybe i'm out in left field if so feel free to tell me to go away :D. Anyway i 
wanted to say hi  and get some feedback or ideas from everyone.

 ,-._|\    Dennis Gilmore, RHCE
/      \   Proud Australian
\_.--._/   | Aurora | Fedora |

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