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Stoffers, Robert LAC Robert.Stoffers at defence.gov.au
Fri May 5 07:13:03 UTC 2006

> 1) Cost 
> originally I was told $20 per computer so I budgetted about $4000 
> figured that if you guys put up the $2k I could get another $2k from 
> elsewhere 
> But if it is less than that great. 
>> Not sure who pointed it out, but I also think standard PCs would be better if you can 
>> et them at $20 each (this seems incredibly cheap to me). Less theft prone, easier to fix. 
>>> YEP already pointed out - however in small communities like woorabinda- theft is marginal 
>>> due to no petrol sniffers and also the community would know who had done it before they got
>>> out the door - the risk is minimal places like yuelamu PC's are the way to go because of
>>> alcohol and petrol sniffers from outlying areas - it is all about the context
Its not just about theft. When a laptop breaks its much harder to get replacement parts and fix
any issues yourself (eg you can't easily replace the monitor), its also more expensive. The only 
advantage I see in using laptops is that keyboards/mice won't get stolen, although this is kind 
of outweighed by the fact that the whole PC can easily be stolen instead. 
If you can secure the price of $20 for replacement laptops from the supplier, when things
go wrong you could just throw them out and replace them I guess.
> 4) May need to purchase hubs or similar to network things 
>> It would be great if you could work out exactly what the layout of the network will be 
>> and price suitable switches and any other equipment needed, then factor this into your
>> grant request also. 
>>> Not that computer literate - but yes I agree originally I thought the 2k would just cover 
>>> computers and some frieght etc the price of the computers keeps moving. 
Maybe someone from BundyLUG could accompany you on such a trip and flesh out exactly what is
> 3) The whole point going up there to set things up is to 
> then work out 
> the support plan and 
> inshallah training plan when we get there that meets the community 
> needs and is appropriate 
>> Could I suggest doing a recon trip to discover exactly what will need to be done, then make
>> solid plans, then resubmit this grant request with those plans for us to look at? Although 
>> this seems like a worthy cause, I'm still unsure of exactly what it is you plan to do. 
>>> You can but I am unlikely to do this , as the ground work for this has been about 6-8 months
>>> in the discussion and planning at the other end. But until you can get people together face 
>>> to face the actual plan doesnt materialise, personalitys and relationships matter in these
>>> communities.
This is exactly what I'm saying. Meet with the people face to face, check out the facilities, 
plan out exactly now many PCs you need, how much network cabiling, how many switches, how
many power boards and anything else you need.
>>> If you want a proper proposal then you need to have a better form on the website.
>>> also it is only $2k i dont know how much assurance people need that it will be money will spent 
>>> and not fall over later down the track ......all I can say is the one at yuelamu and the one at 
>>> miwatj are still fine and maintained. 
>>> but basically between June 5-9 I am going to Bundaberg and woorabinda I will set up two computer 
>>> labs in two already set up rooms that I have already seen and that the communities have built
>>> painted etc. Bundylug will provide some help as will various other techs linux people . The labs
>>> are for general use by everyone in woorabinda and in bundy for training aboriginal jobseekers 
>>> and youth groups. 
>>> Any money I get from any one that isnt spent will get sent back . and a report
>>> provided to all stakeholders. Even if linux doesnt give the money I will still do it. 
Just write down exactly what it is you need (as per what I said above), work out exactly what all of
this will cost you, then email a typed up copy of it to this mailing list. Its not an issue of trust,
its about ensuring you have exactly what you need to be sucessful with your project. I like to remember
the 6 P's - Prior Preperation and Planning Prevents Poor Preformance :-)
>>> Why am i doing this because basically I can and it is a genuine need in remote and regional communitys. 
This sounds like a really worthy project, I for one hope it goes well.

Robert Stoffers

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