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Stoffers, Robert LAC Robert.Stoffers at defence.gov.au
Fri May 5 05:54:02 UTC 2006

Hi Sokar,

Forwarding to you off list also in case your not subscribed here.

> 1) Cost
> originally I was told $20 per computer so I budgetted about $4000
> figured that if you guys put up the $2k I could get another $2k from 
> elsewhere
> But if it is less than that great.

Not sure who pointed it out, but I also think standard PCs would be better if you can get them at $20 each (this seems incredibly cheap to me). Less theft prone, easier to fix. 


> 3) Rooms for these labs are already set up and secure with wiring etc

Are there any on-going costs associated with these rooms, for example electricity, or is this covered by someone else?

> 4) May need to purchase hubs or similar to network things

It would be great if you could work out exactly what the layout of the network will be and price suitable switches and any other equipment needed, then factor this into your grant request also.

> 3) The whole point  going up there to set things up is to 
> then work out 
> the support plan and
> inshallah training plan when we get there  that meets the community 
> needs and is appropriate

Could I suggest doing a recon trip to discover exactly what will need to be done, then make solid plans, then resubmit this grant request with those plans for us to look at? Although this seems like a worthy cause, I'm still unsure of exactly what it is you plan to do.

> once these guys finish building the new training centre ( 
> read slightly 
> bigger room with air con) we want to look at adding to the lab. 

So this will be run elsewhere, then transferred to a new building once its built? How far off completion is the new building? How/what do you plan to add to the lab?


Robert Stoffers
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