[Linux-aus] An abridged history of #linuxaus and Linux Australia IRC

Gary Allpike spice at spice.net.au
Thu Jun 29 20:57:02 UTC 2006

Hi All,

Just so my position on this is clear, as I may have been a bit unclear 
in my previous post.

Pia Waugh wrote:
> So there are two questions here:
> 1) Shall we merge with the linuxaus channel on oftc?
Absolutely not, if the channel remains in its current form.  This 
channel is no longer suitable to be the official channel of Linux 
Australia.  However, I do think the channel has the right to be 
preserved in its current form as it has (dis)functioned in that way for 
over 10 years, and I really think it unfair to curtail or disperse the 
regulars.  Start a #linux-aus channel, mark it official, and the people 
on #linuxaus can mark theirs as very unofficial and not representative 
of Linux Australia in any way.

> 2) Is there any compelling reason people can think of to move to OFTC at
>    all?
I believe so.  Robert may not remember from over 4 years ago, but lilo 
caused a lot of grief and anger with his money raising tactics.  I am 
fundamentally opposed to his way of raising funds and then using them to 
pay himself. I am not suggesting he is doing anything illegal in any 
way, and mailing list tripe and vitriol really has no meaning to me - 
but I just dont like the idea of being associated with the Freenode IRC 
> Cheers,
> Pia
These of course are just my own opinions, and whatever Linux Australia 
chooses to do, I'm sure there will be no long term dramas and life will 
go on as before.


Gary Allpike

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