[Linux-aus] Sydney Education Expo - Acquiring Edubuntu CDs

PHILLIPS Mark Mark_PHILLIPS at rta.nsw.gov.au
Mon Jun 5 14:39:01 UTC 2006

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	Given the 4-6 week lead time they have I don't think we're going
to make

	Interestingly enough, edubuntu doesn't offer ppc Mac versions
	ship-it either. A quick check on #edubuntu puts this down to
only being
	allowed to ship one cd image due to this being their first time.
	James Purser
	Producer/Presenter - Linux Australia Update

	<quote who="Craige McWhirter">

	> I've provided Pia with quotes for a two week turn around. The
	> cost was:
	> 2 week turn around:
	> ===================
	> 2 CD images (OpenCD and Edubuntu)
	> 2-3 three colour
	> 1,000 CD's of each image
	> 2,000 sleeves
	> Approx pricing: $2,765.40
	> Pia and I have debating the worth of this investment.

	I felt that seeing LA had already paid for the booth ($2200)
that we should
	if possible get everything else sponsored, and was trying to
figure out a
	way around spending another 2 or 3 grand.

	I've had someone offer to do 500 CDs for us plus what we can
burn in the 2
	days (on a 4 burner robot thing). It'd be great to get more, is
anyone out
	there interested in partly or fully sponsoring some more CDs?
You can have
	some pamphlets and such on the LA booth.


Come On!!!!

We have the opportunity to become semi self-sufficient if the rumour
about have a free writer available for Linux AUS
if we write the driver for it is true.

So is it and if so is anybody going to give me the info?

Mark Phillips
Mark DOT Phillips AT automatedtestsystems DOT com DOT au



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