[Linux-aus] Sydney Education Expo - Acquiring Edubuntu CDs

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Mon Jun 5 08:59:01 UTC 2006

Hi all,

<quote who="PHILLIPS Mark">

> We have the opportunity to become semi self-sufficient if the rumour about
> have a free writer available for Linux AUS if we write the driver for it
> is true.

The rumour is true as I have already stated :) However getting the thing
donated and the software written for it to run on Linux in three weeks is
not feasible. In fact it is the company who are giving us that writer that
are doing the free CDs for us for the day. I have spoken to that company and
got them in contact with Del who has already offered (on this list) to do
the work.

I'll have more information about what that company can do for us for the
education expo in an hour or two when I talk to them about the detail.

> So is it and if so is anybody going to give me the info?

What more info do you want? :) The company details have been passed to Del
who can do it when he has time. For this event in _3 weeks_ we will take the
donated support and services we can get :) For future events we will then
have a great resource.


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