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Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Sat Jun 3 00:20:02 UTC 2006

I understand the value to a vendor in having an application run on all 
platforms, but what value does Mac compatibility have for the Linux 
community in particular?

PS: A genuine question, written from my PowerBook which I love :-)

On 30/05/2006, at 7:44 PM, flame wrote:

> Hi All,
> Please comment on the following grant application.
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> flame
> Date: 29-05-2006
> Project Name: APhPLIX Development Studio
> Aim of Project:
> APhPLIX Development Studio is an open source WebBrowser-based Rapid 
> Application Development (RAD) environment which is used to create 
> APhPLIX applications.  An APhPLIX application is a dynamic, 
> WebBrowser-based application which looks, feels and acts like a 
> regular window-based application.  APhPLIX utilizes DHTML, AJAX, DOM, 
> Javascript and PHP to create this unique style of application.
> As a WebBrowser-based, RAD environment, APhPLIX Development Studio 
> incorporates a WYSIWYG form builder, PHP/Javascript code editors and 
> an SQL database administration interface into a single application 
> which allows developers to design, develop and deploy APhPLIX 
> applications. APhPLIX Development Studio allows developers to quickly 
> and easily produce a dynamic, multiuser application with a consistent 
> and familiar window-based user interface.
> Although a number of other RAD tools exist, there are currently no 
> other single solution tools for producing APhPLIX-like applications.  
> While other tools may provide partial solutions for developing 
> DHTML/AJAX applications, only APhPLIX Development Studio VM with its 
> unique combination of features and simple, intuitive interface, 
> delivers a complete, innovative, full application development life 
> cycle environment, with the simplicity of an appliance.
> Person Responsible for Request: Jared 'flame' Herbohn
> Request: $1677
> APhPLIX Development Studio is currently in beta and can be used to 
> create applications compatible with a range of Linux & Windows based 
> web browsers. Once web hosting for the project is arranged it will be 
> available for download as a PHP 5 application and as a VMware virtual 
> appliance. The VM version is a complete Linux based appliance 
> requiring almost no configuration and is less than 10MB to download. 
> APhPLIX Development Studio is licensed under the GPL.
> $377	Web hosting (2 years)
> Web hosting for the project requires a large data transfer allowance, 
> PHP 5, SVN support, shell access & Anonymous FTP. DreamHost 
> (www.dreamhost.com) offers a plan that fulfills all of these 
> requirements for US$11.90/mth pre-payed for 2 years. Other options for 
> hosting would be acceptable so long as they meet the listed 
> requirements.
> $1300	Mac mini	To test cross-browser compatibility.
> As this project relies heavily on the functionality of the host web 
> browser it is important to run full testing on a wide range of web 
> browser platforms. We currently have both Linux and Windows machines 
> for inhouse testing. In the past we have been offered external testing 
> on Mac platform browsers, however this has proven to be ineffectual 
> and we require a Mac for proper inhouse testing and debugging. With 
> this hardware we will be able to perform continued testing on all 
> available Mac platform web browsers and where possible ensure that 
> APhPLIX Development Studio will operate correctly under them.
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