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flame flame at fraq.net
Thu Jun 1 13:03:02 UTC 2006

Hi Nathan,

On Wed, 31 May 2006 18:50:04 -0700
Nathan Bailey <Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu> wrote:

> I understand the value to a vendor in having an application run on all 
> platforms, but what value does Mac compatibility have for the Linux 
> community in particular?
> re,
> N
> PS: A genuine question, written from my PowerBook which I love :-)

Adoption of open technologies and standards by the wider community benefits everyone, including the Linux community. Imagine if open source web and mail servers could only communicate with machines running Linux, would you run a Linux based web or mail server? No, no one would. And if no one uses it, no one is going to build and maintain it.

Like it or not we live in a world where the majority of end user systems run on proprietary software. While a large number of open source projects are simply an effort to build free equivalents of existing proprietary software, there are an ever increasing number of open source projects delivering truly innovative new solutions. If these innovative open source solutions are blocked from entering mainstream use by issues of incompatibility, they will be quickly overtaken by closed source clones.

In this particular case, Mac compatibility will allow users of APhPLIX Development Studio to produce cross browser compatible applications.


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