[Linux-aus] request for comment

Aguido Horatio Davis horatio at computer.org
Tue Jul 11 20:07:02 UTC 2006

'Evening, all.

At http://blackstump.infogami.com/MiniConf2007 I've scribbled down my
thoughts so far as a draft proposal for a one-day miniconference on
rural and regional open source, and the use thereof to Do Good (TM).

It has far too many blank spaces to be a formal submission yet. If you
have some interest in the topic and five minutes to kill, I would deeply
appreciate your browsing over to it and giving it some peer review. 

It's an open wiki page, so feel free to scribble all over it and improve
as you see fit. Also, if there are any other groups/lists where this
would be appropriate, please do forward this URL on to them...


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