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Aguido Horatio Davis horatio at computer.org
Thu Jul 6 06:37:03 UTC 2006

On Thu, Jul 06, 2006 at 01:14:08AM +0930, Rohan M. wrote:
> Hope this isnt a stupid question - but how does one start somehing like this?

In the case of the Gove rollout, it started with a request from a
community organisation that had a computer lab they hadn't used in ages.
The computers were Windows-infested and lying around in neglected heaps.

We then collected a group of volunteers via email, and arranged to fly
up there for a week. Pia bought lots of spare hardware.  We cleaned out
and straightened up the machines, and did fresh Ubuntu installs on most
of them. We did a little training and had an opening day to raise

When I say "we", it was literally a random group of volunteers turning
up to hack together a computer lab because it seemed like a good idea.
While individuals turned up with LA support (such as Pia), and we
claimed it for Software Freedom Day, the effort was not organised by LA. 

> Do you basically organise it yourself, source hardware, speak to the local
> community to meet needs etc?

Basically, yes. It helped immensely that one of the local LUG people had
already done a visit to scout the situation, and also that Sokar had
good contacts already in place with the community there. 

> So how does one become an 'offical LA backed community FOSS rollout-er' so
> to speak?

To the best of my knowledge, there aren't any. That may change in the
future, especially if a critical mass of us manage to be in the same
room at LCA2007, but for now random groups of volunteers seem to be the
custom, and they source resources for each effort on an ad-hoc basis.


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