[Linux-aus] [Fwd: Re: [xxxxxxx] FW: Re: S.A. Parliament - Ubuntu Matter of Interest]

Maxim Kovgan kovganm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 16:58:02 UTC 2006

Hi, *.
Guys, my 2 cents:

1. I am sure (just by visiting some governmental web sites) many serious
information services within the Australian Government DO run Linux, BSD
et cetera. And so they will. The politicians are only the window
manager, interfacing with the user - the public.

2. It is a matter of publicity what we're witnessing. Somebody is trying
to be in the fashion of high tech talks, and to discuss such 'modern'
things via the 'modern means', the 'electronic mail'.

Yes it is maybe because their political party is looking for more votes,
so what ?

If you really want to change government's public position, you don't run
ML flame wars. You go into the government, talk to real people,
demonstrate, convince and show, write public letters in the newspapers,
and display comparisons with real numbers. 
This is what talks, especially if you do manage to prove that, say a
yearly support contract with Microsoft is orders of magnitude than same
contract with RH or Novel or Ubuntu or whatever. 
( There the problem is that for bodies like governments MS and such are
offering really good deals)

The only thing that I can conclude from this letter is that linux and
FOSS are in fashion in Australia. And it is 'a la mode' to talk about
it, and sound contemporary.

So, be a little bit happy :)


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